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Reconstruction of the Esophagus with Sternohyoid Flap after Resection of a Large Cervical Esophageal Leiomyosarcoma
Shenhai WeiBingqun WuJintao TianXiaoping Song
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Purpose: Reconstruction of the esophagus with sternohyoid muscle after enucleation of the cervical esophageal leiomyosarcoma (ELS) was rarely reported.

Methods: A case of 55-year-old female with a large leiomyosarcoma in the cervical esophagus was reported. The tumor was enucleated, and the defect of the esophagus was patched with left sternohyoid muscle flap.

Results: The patient recovered uneventfully after surgery. She has not had any discomfort with swallowing since surgery, and nowadays, there is not any recurrence and metastasis being detected.

Conclusion: It is minimal invasive and simple to enucleate the cervical ELS and patch the defect of esophagus with sternohyoid muscle flap. For some selected patients, this method may be a promising surgical procedure to achieve both good swallowing function and satisfying prognosis.

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