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Agricultural and Biological Chemistry
Vol. 39 (1975) No. 6 P 1219-1223



A microorganism, strain KI 72 capable of utilizing ε-aminocaproic acid cyclic dimer as sole carbon and nitrogen sources was isolated from sludge and identified as Achromobacter guttatus. This bacteria utilized 1% of the cyclic dimer in a day and was not inhibited by the higher concentration of the dimer. The growth rate was independent of the cyclic dimer concentration in the medium, but the maximum cell concentration increased with the increase of substrate concentration. The cell yield was 0.7mg dry cell/mg ε-aminocaproic acid cyclic dimer. Bacterial growth with the cyclic dimer as substrate was significantly stimulated by the addition of yeast extract. Ferric chloride was also stimulatory. Maximal growth was obtained in cultures incubated at pH 6 and at 33°C. Synthesized nylon oligomers, ranging from ε-aminocaproic acid up to its linear hexamer, were found to be catabolized by this organism.

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