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Ice Core Drilling and the Related Observations at SE-Dome site, southeastern Greenland Ice Sheet(グリーンランド南東ドームにおけるアイスコア掘削と気象・雪氷観測)
Yoshinori IIZUKA(飯塚芳徳)Sumito MATOBA(的場澄人)Masahiro MINOWA(箕輪昌紘)Tetsuhide YAMASAKI(山崎哲秀)Kaoru KAWAKAMI(川上薫)Ayako KAKUGO(角五綾子)Morihiro MIYAHARA(宮原盛厚)Akihiro HASHIMOTO(橋本明弘)Masashi NIWANO(庭野匡思)Tomonori TANIKAWA(谷川朋範)Koji FUJITA(藤田耕史)Teruo AOKI(青木輝夫)
ジャーナル フリー

2021 年 39 巻 p. 1-12


In order to construct reliable deposited-aerosol database on the Anthropocene (from 1850 to 2020), we obtained a 250-meter-long ice core from the Southeastern Greenland Dome on May and June 2021, where is one of the highest accumulation domes in Greenland. The age of the ice core at a depth of 250 m was roughly estimated to be AD 1827 based on the timescale from a previously analyzed shallower ice core. The age of the sampled ice core satisfied the prerequisite conditions for constructing aerosol deposition database for Anthropocene. In addition, surface elevation, borehole temperatures, and internal stratigraphy of the ice sheet were performed, and meteorological and snow-pit observations were also conducted. Furthermore, we sampled aerosol and snow from the ice sheet for chemical and physical analyses.

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