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配位高分子および金属– 配位高分子複合体のエネルギー関連機能の開拓
貞清 正彰
ジャーナル フリー

2022 年 79 巻 p. 88-99


Recently, metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) or coordination polymers (CPs) have attracted much attention because of their potential applications such as gas storage, separation, and delivery, regarding their designable porous structures and high materials variety. We have focused on development of energy-related functions of MOFs, such as ionic conduction and heterogeneous catalysis. In this paper, our recent achievements in three different research regions on proton conduction, hydroxide ion conduction, and heterogeneous catalysis with MOFs have been summarized. First, we succeeded in visualization of the change in crystalline hydrogen-bonding networks in a super proton-conductive MOF and clarification of relationship between the protonconducting pathways and proton conductivity in the MOF. Second, we succeeded in demonstrating design and synthesis of a hydroxide ion-conductive MOF. Third, we succeeded in clarifying support effects of MOFs in heterogeneous catalysis. Although the support effect of MOFs regarding molecular sieving has been already reported by many researches, we newly demonstrated that MOFs could show the support effects derived from charge transfer and substrate adsorption, and that they could overcome traditional oxide-based supports in catalytic alcohol synthesis reaction.

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