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AIP1, a Water-Soluble Fraction from Artemisia iwayomogi, Suppresses Thymocyte Apoptosis in Vitro and Down-Regulates the Expression of Fas Gene
Jung Suk HwangHee Jung JiKyung Ah KooNam Hee LeeHee Kyoung YeoSeon Woo CheongJoo Hung ParkGap Soo OhChun Sik YoonHyun Joo Youn
キーワード: Artemisia, apoptosis, thymocyte, Fas
ジャーナル フリー

2005 年 28 巻 5 号 p. 921-924


The AIP1 fraction, a small water-soluble fraction purified from Artemisia iwayomogi, was shown to increase antibody production and suppress transplanted tumor cell growth in mice. In order to understand its immuno-modulating activity, we have examined the effect of the AIP1 on mouse thymocytes in vitro. Treatment of mouse thymocytes in culture with the fraction resulted in the suppression of the cell death and the extension of the cell survival. A mouse gene array provided a profile of gene expression change showing the pattern of up- and down-regulated genes by the AIP1 treatment, suggesting that the Fas/FasL-dependent apoptosis pathway might be modulated by the fraction.

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