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日本薬学会は,1880年に創立された,我が国では歴史ある学会の一つです.現在,約15,000人の会員を擁しており,毎月3誌の学術誌を刊行しております.英文による学術誌の一つとして「Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin」(Chem. Pharm. Bull.)は, 1953年にPharmaceutical Bulletinとして創刊され,その後Chem. Pharm. Bull. と名称を変え,薬学と健康科学に関する化学分野をカバーしています.二つ目として,「Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin」(Biol. Pharm. Bull.) があり,これは1978年に創刊されたJournal Pharmacobio-Dynamicsを起源としており,更に1953年に創刊され,2012年に内容を引き継いだJournal of Health Scienceの後継誌として,薬学と健康科学に関する生物学分野を領域としています.英文と和文両方にて構成される学術誌として,「YAKUGAKU ZASSHI」(薬学雑誌)があり,本学術誌は学会創立の翌年(1881年)に創刊され,最も長い歴史を有しています.薬学雑誌では,和文による原著論文・総説等のほか,臨床薬学領域研究については英文による投稿も受け付けています. 日本薬学会におけるこれら学術誌のスコープは,基礎研究から臨床研究に至る幅広い分野に渡りますが,いずれも薬学・健康科学をベースとしています。3誌に投稿された論文の平均審査期間は,現在,投稿された方へ最初の判定を通知するまでに約1か月ですが,更なる時間短縮を目指しています.3誌ともにJ-STAGEにて無料公開しており,研究成果を世に広める一助となることを期待しております.皆様の研究成果をChem. Pharm. Bull.やBiol. Pharm. Bull.,薬学雑誌へ積極的にご投稿下さいますよう,よろしくお願い申し上げます.

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45 巻 (2022) 9 号 p. 1254-1258
Classification of Skin Injury Risk Caused by Extravasation of Electrolyte Solutions or Infusions in a Rat Model もっと読む

Cytotoxic agents are classified according to the severity of skin injury after extravasation. However, injuries caused by extravasation of noncytotoxic agents have not been sufficiently investigated. In this study, the authors focused on noncytotoxic electrolyte solutions and infusions and evaluated skin injuries macroscopically and histopathologically using extravasation model rats. As a result, the electrolyte solutions and infusions were classified into three categories (vesicants, irritants, and non-tissue-damaging agents) depending on the degree of skin injury. The characteristic symptoms and severity of each drug extravasation revealed in this study will provide basic information for preparation of guidelines for treatment of extravasation.

45 巻 (2022) 9 号 p. 1291-1299
Regulation of Iron-Ion Transporter SLC11A2 by Three Identical miRNAs もっと読む

MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are known “key regulator” of numerous gene expressions. In this study, authors determined the effects of three miRNAs, miR-149-5p, miR-362-5p, and miR-539-5p, on iron-ion transporter, SLC11A2 mRNA using the cultured human colon carcinoma cell line. Authors found that they regulate SLC11A2 gene expression and iron-ion transporting function in an in vitro system. Authors believe that this study makes a significant contribution to the literature because the use of these three miRNAs as surrogate biomarkers could significantly advance the development of therapies for the treatments of diseases caused by transporter disorders, such as anemia.

45 巻 (2022) 9 号 p. 1300-1305
Estimation of the Viscosity of an Antibody Solution from the Diffusion Interaction Parameter もっと読む

In antibody drugs, estimating the viscosity at high concentrations is crucial in terms of designing drug formulations since high viscosity could limit the choice of administration routes. The authors hypothesized that the diffusion interaction coefficient may be a key factor in estimating the viscosity and analyzed the relation between them. Not only have the results showed the viscosity can be estimated by using the diffusion interaction coefficient, but it has also succeeded in setting criterions for the feasibility of high concentration formulations. Such findings will deepen the understanding of the physicochemical properties, leading to the promotion of future drug development.

45 巻 (2022) 9 号 p. 1354-1363
Local Ca2+ Signals within Caveolae Cause Nuclear Translocation of CaMK1α in Mouse Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells もっと読む

An increase in intracellular Ca2+ concentration activates Ca2+-sensitive enzymes such as Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent kinases (CaMK) and induces gene transcription in various types of cells through excitation-transcription (E-T) coupling. In this study, the authors revealed that CaMK1α can be fully activated by both Ca2+ influx through of L-type Ca2+ channels, Cav1.2, and phosphorylation by CaMKK2 within caveolae in mouse vascular smooth muscle cells. This activated (phosphorylated) CaMK1a can translocate from the cytosol to the nucleus. These findings strongly suggest that CaMK1a can transduce Ca2+ signaling generated within or very near caveolae to the nucleus and thus, promote E-T coupling.

45 巻 (2022) 9 号 p. 1373-1377
Identification of the Components of Proton Pump Inhibitors and Potassium-Competitive Acid Blocker That Lead to Cardiovascular Events in Working-Age Individuals: A 12-Month Retrospective Cohort Study Using a Large Claims Database もっと読む

Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) or potassium-competitive acid blocker (PCAB) are widely used in Japan. PPIs or PCAB is known to have cardiovascular risk. Authors revealed the cardiovascular risk in each PPI or PCAB components using a large claims data in 91,098 working-age workers. Finally, authors reveal that lansoprazole, a higher CYP2C19 inhibition activity as compared other PPIs or PCAB, is a higher risk for cardiovascular risk.

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