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日本薬学会は,1880年に創立された,我が国では歴史ある学会の一つです.現在,約18000人の会員を擁しており,毎月3誌の学術誌を刊行しております.英文による学術誌の一つとして「Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin」(Chem. Pharm. Bull.)は, 1953年にPharmaceutical Bulletinとして創刊され,その後Chem. Pharm. Bull. と名称を変え,薬学と健康科学に関する化学分野をカバーしています.二つ目として,「Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin」(Biol. Pharm. Bull.) があり,これは1978年に創刊されたJournal Pharmacobio-Dynamicsを起源としており,更に1953年に創刊され,2012年に内容を引き継いだJournal of Health Scienceの後継誌として,薬学と健康科学に関する生物学分野を領域としています.英文と和文両方にて構成される学術誌として,「YAKUGAKU ZASSHI」(薬学雑誌)があり,本学術誌は学会創立の翌年(1881年)に創刊され,最も長い歴史を有しています.薬学雑誌では,和文による原著論文・総説等のほか,臨床薬学領域研究については英文による投稿も受け付けています. 日本薬学会におけるこれら学術誌のスコープは,基礎研究から臨床研究に至る幅広い分野に渡りますが,いずれも薬学・健康科学をベースとしています。3誌に投稿された論文の平均審査期間は,現在,投稿された方へ最初の判定を通知するまでに約1か月ですが,更なる時間短縮を目指しています.3誌ともにJ-STAGEにて無料公開しており,研究成果を世に広める一助となることを期待しております.皆様の研究成果をChem. Pharm. Bull.やBiol. Pharm. Bull.,薬学雑誌へ積極的にご投稿下さいますよう,よろしくお願い申し上げます.

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43 巻 (2020) 8 号 p. 1147-1153
Development of Multi-functional Nanoparticles for Clinical Application to Gene and Nucleic Acid Medicines もっと読む

The clinical application of gene/nucleic acid medicines is highly dependent on the development of effective and reliable drug delivery systems. Dr. Sasaki successfully developed several ternary complexes as novel gene delivery carriers, which were constructed by gene/nucleic acid medicine, the cationic polymer, and the anionic polymer. This ternary complex consists of biodegradable materials found in foods and medical products that are already in clinical use and can deliver gene/nucleic acid medicines to specific organs (liver, spleen, lung, and cancer cells etc.) without toxicity. The ternary complexes are expected to apply to clinical practice.

43 巻 (2020) 8 号 p. 1172-1178
Isosteviol Sodium Attenuates High Fat/High Cholesterol-Induced Kidney Dysfunction by Inhibiting Inflammation, Oxidative Stress and Apoptosis もっと読む

The sodium salt of isosteviol (STVNa) is a beyerane diterpene synthesized through acid hydrolysis of stevioside. STVNa improves multiple types of tissue injuries. However, it is not known how Isosteviol sodium affects high-fat and high cholesterol diet (HFD)-induced kidney. The current study suggested that STVNa inhibited HFD-induced kidney injury evident by reducing the increased levels of serum CRE. Specifically, STVNa attenuated HFD-induced kidney injury by inhibiting inflammation, oxidative stress, and apoptosis. These findings indicate that STVNa may have a therapeutic potential for metabolic syndrome associated kidney dysfunction by inhibiting inflammation, oxidative stress and apoptosis.

43 巻 (2020) 8 号 p. 1188-1195
Enhanced Immunostimulatory Activity of CpG Oligodeoxynucleotide by the Combination of Mannose Modification and Incorporation into Nanostructured DNA もっと読む

Increasing the immunostimulatory activity of unmethylated cytosine-phosphate-guanine oligodeoxynucleotide (CpG ODN) is an important issue for its clinical application as immunoadjuvant. In this study, the authors combined two approaches, i.e., nanostructured DNA formation and mannose modification, for efficient delivery of CpG ODN to mannose receptor-positive immune cells. Mannosylated CpG ODN (Man-CpG ODN) loaded onto polypod-like structured nucleic acid (polypodna) induced a greater tumor necrosis factor-α release than Man-CpG ODN or CpG ODN/polypodna from the cells. Thus, this study provides a new and promising approach to increasing the therapeutic potency of CpG ODN.

43 巻 (2020) 8 号 p. 1248-1252
Trends of Antifungal Use Based on Sales Data in Japan from 2006 to 2015 もっと読む

The detailed epidemiology of invasive mycoses and superficial mycoses has not been clarified in Japan. This is the first study to clarify the trends of antifungal use in Japan. The authors found that total antifungal use decreased over time. Notably, the trend of antifungal use for invasive mycoses was significantly increased by 19.9% whereas the trend of antifungal use for superficial mycoses significantly decreased by 49.8%. In Japan, the increase in the number of immunocompromised patients might be associated with an increase in the frequency of antifungal use for invasive mycoses.

43 巻 (2020) 8 号 p. 1259-1266
Development and Testing of an Individual Kernel Detection System for Genetically Modified Soybean Events in Non-identity-preserved Soybean Samples もっと読む

Today, majority of soybeans in Japan comes from foreign countries, where genetically modified (GM) soybeans are cultivated. The details of GM soybean actually consumed for food in Japan have been unknown. The article by Soga et al. reported a quantitative GM soybean kernel detection system and that the most of imported soybean in the non-identity-preserved soybean samples examined were herbicide-tolerant and insect-resistant GM soybean events that were authorized in Japan. These data would provide useful information on risk analysis concerning regulations on GM soybean for food use.

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