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Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin
Vol. 16 (1993) No. 8 P 787-790



Seven highly active inhibitors against carbonic anhydrase (CA, EC, punicalin (2), punicalagin (3), granatin B (5), gallagyldilactone (7), casuarinin (8), pedunculagin (9) and tellimagrandin I (10), and four weakly active inhibitors, gallic acid (1), granatin A (4), corilagin (6) and ellagic acid (11), were isolated from the pericarps of Punica granatum L. (Punicaceae). They are ellagitannins. The type of inhibition by 3 and 7 using p-nitrophenyl acetate as a substrate, is noncompetitive. The structure-activity relationship of inhibitory effects on CA is discussed.

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