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Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin
Vol. 17 (1994) No. 2 P 217-221



The acute effects of an alcohol extract of Crocus sativus L. (CS-extract) were studied on learning and memory in step through (ST) and step down (SD) tests in normal as well as in learning-and memory-impaired mice. A single oral administration of CS-extract had no effects on memory registration, consolidation or retrieval in normal mice. CS-Extract reduced the ethanol-induced impairment of memory registration both in ST and SD tests and the ethanol-induced impairment of memory retrieval in SD test. CS-Extract decreased the motor activity (MA) and prolonged the sleeping time induced by hexobarbital. These results suggested that CS-extract ameliorates the impairment effects of ethanol on learning and memory processes, and possesses a sedative effect.

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