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Enhanced Absorption of Cyclosporin A be Complexation with Dimethyl-β-cyclodextrin in Bile Duct-Cannulated and -Noncannulated Rats
Kouzou MIYAKEHidetoshi ARIMATetsumi IRIEFumitoshi HIRAYAMAKaneto UEKAMA
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1999 Volume 22 Issue 1 Pages 66-72


The enhancing effects of dimethyl-β-cyclodextrin (DM-β-CyD) on the absorption of cyclosporin A (CsA) after oral administration to rats under bile duct-cannulated and -noncannulated conditions were investigated.The dissolution rate of CsA was markedly augmented by complexation with DM-β-CyD. In a closed loop in situ study, DM-β-CyD considerably increased the cumulative amounts of CsA in the mesenteric venous blood after injection of the aqueous CsA suspension into the small intestinal sac of rats. In addition, the cumulative amount ratio of M1, the dominant metabolite of CsA in rats, to CsA in the mesenteric venous blood for up to 40 min after the injection of the CsA-DM-β-CyD suspension into the sac was lower than that of the CsA suspention alone.DM-β-CyD inhibited the bioconversion of CsA in the small intestinal microsomes of rats. THese results indicate that the bioconversion of CsA was abated by complexation with DM-β-CyD. An in vivo study revealed that DM-β-CyD incerased the transfer of CsA to blood, not lymph, with low variability in the absorption after oral administration of the CsA suspension to rats. The variability of bioavailability of DM-β-CyD complex was lower than tha of Sandimmune, although the extent of bioavailability of DM-β-CyD was only a little higher than that of Sandimmune. The bioavailability of CsA or its DM-β-CyD complex was appreciably decreased by the cannulation of the bile duct of rats, and the extent of the lowering in the bioavailability in the presence of DM-β-CyD was much less serious than that of CsA alone. The present results suggest that DM-β-CyD is particularly useful in designing oral preparations of CsA with an enhanced bioavailability and a reduced variability in abdorption.

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