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Sirt7 Deficiency Attenuates Neointimal Formation Following Vascular Injury by Modulating Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Proliferation
Yuichi KimuraYasuhiro IzumiyaSatoshi ArakiSatoru YamamuraShinsuke HanataniYoshiro OnoueToshifumi IshidaYuichiro ArimaTaishi NakamuraEiichiro YamamotoTakafumi SenokuchiTatsuya YoshizawaMasataka SataShokei Kim-MitsuyamaNaomi NakagataEva BoberThomas BraunKoichi KaikitaKazuya YamagataKenichi Tsujita
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2021 Volume 85 Issue 12 Pages 2232-2240


Background:Sirt7 is a recently identified sirtuin and has important roles in various pathological conditions, including cancer progression and metabolic disorders. It has previously been reported that Sirt7 is a key molecule in acute myocardial wound healing and pressure overload-induced cardiac hypertrophy. In this study, the role of Sirt7 in neointimal formation after vascular injury is investigated.

Methods and Results:Systemic (Sirt7−/−) and smooth muscle cell-specific Sirt7-deficient mice were subjected to femoral artery wire injury. Primary vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs) were isolated from the aorta of wild type (WT) and Sirt7−/−mice and their capacity for cell proliferation and migration was compared. Sirt7 expression was increased in vascular tissue at the sites of injury. Sirt7−/−mice demonstrated significant reduction in neointimal formation compared to WT mice. In vitro, Sirt7 deficiency attenuated the proliferation of serum-induced VSMCs. Serum stimulation-induced upregulation of cyclins and cyclin-dependent-kinase 2 (CDK2) was significantly attenuated in VSMCs of Sirt7−/−compared with WT mice. These changes were accompanied by enhanced expression of the microRNA 290-295 cluster, the translational negative regulator of CDK2, in VSMCs of Sirt7−/−mice. It was confirmed that smooth muscle cell-specific Sirt7-deficient mice showed significant reduction in neointima compared with control mice.

Conclusions:Sirt7 deficiency attenuates neointimal formation after vascular injury. Given the predominant role in vascular neointimal formation, Sirt7 is a potentially suitable target for treatment of vascular diseases.

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