Circulation Reports
This is the official journal of The Japanese Circulation Society.

―Greetings From the Editor-in-Chief

Dear Colleagues,

Thank you very much for your submission to Circulation Reports, an official Journal of the Japanese Circulation Society.

Since the internet is now the most powerful tool for publication and exchange of opinions, we make Circulation Reports into an on-line only, Open Access journal.

Today, researchers in cardiology require new methods and analyses from medical engineering, medical informatics, and medical economics, besides the conventional physiology, pharmacology, molecular biology and epidemiology. To prevent cardiovascular diseases, nutrition, exercise, team medicine, healthcare systems, social medicine and comprehensive management of cardiovascular risk factors are important.

Circulation Reports considers all types of original research articles, including studies in these new areas, related to cardiovascular diseases. I hope that Circulation Reports will serve as a forum to discuss the tasks and problems in cardiovascular medicine and research by accepting statements and opinions from physicians and non-physicians.

The editorial team of Circulation Reports looks forward to receiving a wide range of manuscripts from all over the world.

Masataka Sata, MD, PhD.
Circulation Reports

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