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Fluoroquinolones and Risk of Aortic Aneurysm or Dissection in Patients With Congenital Aortic Disease and Marfan Syndrome
Shao-Wei ChenChia-Pin LinYi-Hsin ChanVictor Chien-Chia WuYu-Ting ChengYing-Chang TungFu-Chih HsiaoDong-Yi ChenKuo-Chun HungAn-Hsun ChouPao-Hsien Chu
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2023 Volume 87 Issue 9 Pages 1164-1172


Background: Fluoroquinolone use can be associated with an increased risk of aortic aneurysm (AA) or aortic dissection (AD). The US Food and Drug Administration recently warned against fluoroquinolone use for high-risk patients, such as those with Marfan syndrome. However, the association between fluoroquinolone use and AA/AD risk was unknown in these high-risk patients and therefore it was studied in this work.

Methods and Results: Data were collected from a national database between 2000 and 2017 for 550 patients with AA/AD and any congenital aortic disease (mean age 41.5 years; 415 with Marfan syndrome). A case cross-over study was conducted to compare the risk of aortic events (AA/AD) associated with fluoroquinolone and amoxicillin use between the hazard period (from −60 days to −1 day) and a randomly selected reference period (−180 to −121 days; −240 to −181 days; and –300 to –241 days). Compared to the reference period without fluoroquinolone use, fluoroquinolone use during the hazard period was not associated with a greater risk of AA/AD (1.09% vs. 1.09%; odds ratio [OR] 1.000; 95% confidence interval [CI] 0.32–3.10), AA (OR 0.67; 95% CI 0.11–3.99), or AD (OR 1.33; 95% CI 0.30–5.96) in patients with congenital aortic disease or Marfan syndrome. This lack of association was maintained in subgroup analysis, including Marfan syndrome or not, age (≤50 vs. >50 years) and sex.

Conclusions: Fluoroquinolone use was not associated with an increased risk of AA/AD in patients with congenital aortic disease, including Marfan syndrome. More evidence is required for a fluoroquinolone pharmacovigilance plan in these patients.

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