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Valvular Heart Disease
Periprocedural Thrombogenicity Change Is Associated With Subclinical Leaflet Thrombosis Progression in Patients Undergoing Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation
Naoto KuyamaKoichi Kaikita Masanobu IshiiNoriaki TabataSeitaro OdaYasuhiro OtsukaKoichi EgashiraYuichiro ShirahamaShinsuke HanataniSeiji TakashioYasushi MatsuzawaEiichiro YamamotoToshinori HiraiKenichi Tsujita
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2023 Volume 5 Issue 12 Pages 450-458


Background: Subclinical leaflet thrombosis occasionally occurs after transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI), but its exact etiology and relationship with thrombogenicity remain unknown.

Methods and Results: This study enrolled 35 patients who underwent TAVI. Thrombogenicity was evaluated using a total thrombus-formation analysis system (T-TAS) to compute the thrombus-formation area under the curve (PL18-AUC10and AR10-AUC30). Periprocedural thrombogenic parameters including T-TAS were investigated at pre-TAVI, 2 days, 7 days, and 3 months post-TAVI. Hypoattenuated leaflet thickening (HALT) and maximum leaflet thickness (MLT) were evaluated using contrast-enhanced computed tomography 7 days and 3 months post-TAVI. The associations between thrombogenicity and HALT or MLT were assessed. T-TAS parameters consistently decreased at 2 and 7 days post-TAVI, followed by improvement at 3 months. HALT was detected in 20% and 17% of patients at 7 days and 3 months, respectively, post-TAVI. The median MLT value was 1.60 mm at 7 days and 3 months post-TAVI. A significant positive correlation was observed between the decrease in the AR10-AUC30and MLT at 7 days post-TAVI. Univariate linear regression analysis revealed a decrease in the AR10-AUC30and an increase in the D-dimer level as a significant predictor of MLT deterioration.

Conclusions: The findings suggested that a transient decrease in thrombogenicity following TAVI predicts leaflet thrombosis, implying that monitoring thrombogenicity may be useful for predicting progression of leaflet thrombosis.

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