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Aryne Generation from o-Triazenylarylboronic Acids Induced by Brønsted Acid
Motoki Ito Yuka YamabayashiYuta TakishimaKazuhiro HiguchiShigeo Sugiyama
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2022 年 70 巻 8 号 p. 566-572


We report aryne generation from 2-triazenylarylboronic acids using an activator such as Brønsted acids, Lewis acids, and solid acids. With the use of (±)-Camphorsulfonic acid [(±)-CSA], the aryne precursors provided cycloadducts with a range of arynophiles in high yields. Aryne generated under the acidic conditions underwent chemoselective cycloaddition with a furan in the presence of a basic arynophile, namely an amine. Hammett plot analyses revealed that an aryne generation mechanism induced by (±)-CSA is distinct from the mechanism induced by silica gel.

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