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Preparation and in Vitro Characterization of Fatty-Acid Modified Pirarubicin Nanosuspensions Stabilized by Albumin
Takashi HasegawaKenji TsukigawaKindness CommeyMina SakuragiShuhei ImotoKazuaki TaguchiKoji NishiMasaki OtagiriKeishi Yamasaki
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2024 年 72 巻 1 号 p. 21-27


Pirarubicin (THP) shows more rapid intracellular uptake, more effective antitumor activity, and less cardiac toxicity, compared to doxorubicin. However, THP is distributed to both tumor and normal tissues indiscriminately. This study aimed to develop a nanosuspension to deliver THP to tumor tissues more efficiently. Fatty-acid-modified THPs (FA-THPs; octanoic acid, dodecanoic acid, palmitic acid-THPs) were synthesized to increase the hydrophobicity of THP. Nanosuspensions of these FA-THPs were then prepared using an antisolvent precipitation technique. Among the FA-THPs, the most efficiently drug-loaded nanosuspension was obtained from palmitic acid-THP (pal-THP) using an aqueous antisolvent containing bovine serum albumin as a stabilizer. The pal-THP nanoparticles in the nanosuspension were confirmed to be of optimal size (100–125 nm) for delivery to tumor tissues using dynamic light scattering and transmission electron microscopy. The pal-THP nanosuspension showed cytotoxicity in colon 26 cells. The nanosuspension was shown to disintegrate in the presence of surfactants such as lecithin, liberating pal-THP, which was converted to free THP in acidic media. It is therefore proposed that pal-THP nanoparticles that reach tumor cells after intravenous administration would exert antitumor effect by liberating pal-THP (i.e., disintegration of nanoparticles by the interaction with cell membrane), followed by the release of free THP in the acidic milieu of tumor cells. These findings indicate that FA-THP nanosuspensions, particularly pal-THP nanosuspension, hold promise as a candidate for cancer treatment. However, further in vivo studies are necessary.

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