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Isolation and Characterization of Phenolic Compounds from Magnoliae Cortex Produced in China
矢原 正治西依 健江田 昭英野原 稔弘西岡 五夫
ジャーナル フリー

1991 年 39 巻 8 号 p. 2024-2036


A chemical examination of Magnoliae Cortex produced in China (Magnolia officinalis REHD. et WIL S., Magnoliaceae) has led to the isolation of eighteen new lignans and related compounds [four monoterpenyl-lignans : piperitylmagnolol (3), dipiperitylmagnolol (4), piperitylhonokiol (5) and bornylmagnolol (6); seven lignans : magnaldehydes B(8), C(9), magnolignans A(10), B(11), C(12), D(13) and E(14); three norlignans : magnatriol B(16), magnaldehydes D(17) and E(18); and four dilignans : magnolignans F(19), G(20), H(21) and I(22)], together with randainal (7), randaiol (15), sinapic aldehyde, syringaresinol, syringaresinol 4'-O-β-D-glucopyranoside and 6'-O-methylhonokiol. Their structures were determined by the chemical and spectral methods.

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