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Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin
Vol. 48 (2000) No. 1 P 60-64



Fungicidal activity of widely used imidazole antifungal drugs in topical applications is not so strong in spite of their potent fungistatic activities against dermatophytes and pathogenic yeasts. In order to improve fungicidal activity of imicazole antifungal agents, a series of novel imidazole derivatives having a hydrophobic substituent derived from isoprenoid were synthesized. The efficacy of these compounds was evaluated with respect to direct cell-membrane damaging activity, ergosterol biosynthesis inhibition, minimum growth-inhibitory concentration (MIC) and therapeutic effect for experimental dermatophytosis of guinea pigs. Among the newly synthesized compounds, the geranyl derivative named AFK-108 (2a) showed the highest in vivo fungicidal activity with both cell membrane damaging activity and ergosterol biosynthesis inhibition in vitro.

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