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Dental Materials Journal
Vol. 25 (2006) No. 3 P 626-631



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Yttria partially stabilized zirconia (YPSZ) ceramics are suitable for dental and medical use because of their high fracture toughness and chemical durability. The purpose of this study was to examine the bonding behavior of a dental YPSZ ceramic, Denzir. After being subjected to various surface treatments, Denzir specimens were bonded to each other using an adhesive resin composite, glass ionomer, or zinc phosphate cement. Bonding strength was then determined by the shearing test. No significant differences (p>0.05) were observed between SiC- and Al2O3-blasted specimens. In all surface treatments, the shear bond strength significantly (p<0.05) increased in the order of adhesive resin composite cement > glass ionomer cement > zinc phosphate cement. Moreover, silanization with methacryloxy propyl trimethoxysilane slightly increased the bonding strength of the adhesive resin composite cement.

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