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Dental Materials Journal is a peer review journal published by the Japanese Society for Dental Materials and Devises aiming to introduce the progress of the basic and applied sciences in dental materials and biomaterials. The dental materials-related clinical science and instrumental technologies are also within the scope of this journal. The materials dealt include synthetic polymers, ceramics, metals and tissue-derived biomaterials. Forefront dental materials and biomaterials used in developing filed, such as tissue engineering, bioengineering and artificial intelligence, are positively considered for the review as well. Recent acceptance rate of the submitted manuscript in the journal is around 30%.
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Volume 33 (2014) Issue 5 Pages 705-710
Mechanical properties of composite resin blocks for CAD/CAM Read more
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Field Weighted Citation Impact (FWCI) is one of indices to evaluate the scientific publishing by estimating the total citation ratio based on the average of the subject field from Scopus database. FWCI could therefore be used as the index over specific field. Here, we show the example of DMJ articles from 2014 to 2016 with relatively higher FWCI values beyond 1.0 which is considered the average of the subject field. The editors of the DMJ would like to introduce some of the articles here. FWCI score of this article is 4.29.

Volume 35 (2016) Issue 2 Pages 216-224
Comparative study on the resorbability and dissolution behavior of octacalcium phosphate, β-tricalcium phosphate, and hydroxyapatite under physiological conditions Read more
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FWCI score of this article is 3.46.

Volume 35 (2016) Issue 4 Pages 668-674
Effect of surface pretreatments on resin composite bonding to PEEK Read more
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FWCI score of this article is 3.28.

Volume 35 (2016) Issue 3 Pages 418-424
Mechanical properties, volumetric shrinkage and depth of cure of short fiber-reinforced resin composite Read more
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FWCI score of this article is 2.76.

Volume 34 (2015) Issue 1 Pages 7-12
Three-unit reinforced polyetheretherketone composite FDPs: Influence of fabrication method on load-bearing capacity and failure types Read more
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FWCI score of this article is 2.69.

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