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Dental Materials Journal
Vol. 33 (2014) No. 1 p. 104-110



Original Paper

This study evaluated the polymerization shrinkage, flexural and compressive properties of low-shrinkage resin composites. For the study, four methacrylate-based and one silorane-based resin composites were light cured using three different light-curing units (LCUs) and their polymerization shrinkage, flexural (strength (FS) and modulus (FM)) and compressive (strength (CS) and modulus (CM)) properties were evaluated. Data were statistically analyzed using ANOVA and a post-hoc Tukey test. The polymerization shrinkage ranged approximately 7.6–14.2 μm for 2-mm thick specimens depending on the resin product and LCU. Filtek LS showed the least shrinkage while the rest shrank approximately 13.2–14.2 μm. However, Filtek LS showed the greatest shrinkage difference for the used LCUs. FS and CS of the tested specimens ranged 96.2–152.1 MPa and 239.2–288.4 MPa, respectively, depending on the resin product and LCU. The highest and lowest FS and FM were recorded for the methacrylate-based resin composites. Among the specimens, Filtek LS showed the lowest CS and CM.

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