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Effect of apigenin on surface-associated characteristics and adherence of Streptococcus mutans
Yinchen LIULin HANHongye YANGSiying LIUCui HUANG
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Article ID: 2019-255


Apigenin is a type of flavonols that exhibits anti-caries properties. Bacterial adherence is the initial step in the forming of a stable biofilm that leads to caries. Bacterial adherence is affected by surface characteristics, including hydrophobicity and bacterial aggregation. However, the effect of apigenin on surface characteristics of cariogenic bacteria has not been reported. We aimed to examine the effects of apigenin on adherence and biofilm formation of Streptococcus mutans UA159. Hydrophobicity and bacterial aggregation, pac and gbpC gene expressions, and cytotoxicity on human dental pulp cells were also determined. Apigenin significantly inhibited the adherence and biofilm formation of S. mutans. Hydrophobicity decreased, whereas the aggregation rate was significantly increased compared with the control. Apigenin significantly suppressed pac and gbpC gene expressions. Apigenin exhibited acceptable biocompatibility on hDPCs. Thus, apigeinin may affect adherence and biofilm formation by altering the surface properties of S. mutans without obvious adverse effect on hDPCs.

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