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Functional roles of fish collagen peptides on bone regeneration
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Fish collagen peptides (FCP) derived from the skin, bones and scales are commercially used as a functional food or dietary supplement for hypertension and diabetes. However, there is limited evidence on the effects of FCP on the osteoblast function in contrast to evidence of the effects on wound healing, diabetes and bone regeneration, which have been obtained from animal studies. In this narrative review, we expound on the availability of FCP by basic research using osteoblasts. Low-concentration FCP upregulates the expression of osteoblast proliferation, differentiation and collagen modifying enzyme-related genes. Furthermore, it could accelerate matrix mineralization. FCP may have potential utility as a biomaterial to improve collagen quality and promote mineralization through the mitogen-activated protein kinase and Smad cascades. However, there are few clinical studies on bone regeneration in human subjects. It is desirable to be applied clinically through clinical study as soon as possible, based on the results from basic research.

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