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Influence of Filler Content and Gap Dimension on Wear Resistance of Resin Composite Luting Cements around a CAD/CAM Ceramic Inlay Restoration
Yasuhiro TORIIKousuke ITOUToshiyuki ITOTAKazuhiro HAMANorifumi KONISHIMichihiro NAGAMINEKiyoshi INOUE
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1999 Volume 18 Issue 4 Pages 453-461


We investigated the influence of filler content and gap dimension on the wear resistance of composite luting cement around CAD/CAM ceramic inlay restorations. Experimental hybrid dualcured composite luting cements containing 60, 70, 72, 74 and 80wt% of silanated barium-silica fillers were used for cementing CAD/CAM ceramic inlay into the cavity. The specimens involving inlay-cement-tooth interfaces were subjected to a three-body wear test. The relation between the interfacial gap dimension and wear loss was also investigated using 60, 70 and 80wt% filled cements. The cements containing more than 70wt% filler presented significantly higher wear resistance than 60wt% filled cement. There was a positive linear relationship between gap dimension and wear loss, and the inclination of the regression line decreased with increasing filler content. These results indicated that the higher filler content of the cement increased the wear resistance and this desirable influence appeared more remarkably in the wider horizontal gap dimension.

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