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Effect of Fluoride Mouth Rinse on Fluoride Releasing and Recharging from Aesthetic Dental Materials
Linlin HANEdward CVMu LIKazuaki NIWANONeamat ABAkira OKAMOTONaoko HONDAMasaaki IWAKU
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2002 Volume 21 Issue 4 Pages 285-295


This study evaluated fluoride-release and recharging with the fluoride mouth rinsing technique on fluoridated materials. Three fluoride containing materials and one non-fluoride containing composite resin were used for this study. Samples for each material consisted of 15 discs, 9mm diameter with a thickness of 1mm. Initial fluoride release was assessed over a 60-day period. After that, 15 discs for each material were divided into 3 groups: distilled water group, 450-ppm and 900-ppm mouth rinsing groups. Fluoride release increased in combination with fluoride mouth rinse, and fluoride was higher in the 900-ppm group than the 450-ppm group. Moreover, S-PRG or F-PRG fillers materials released fluoride in higher than fluoroaluminosilicate glass fillers materials. In addition fluoride release from control samples was not observed. Therefore, only fluoride release material takes up fluoride. The findings of the present investigation suggest that the rate of fluoride release was different for each material, because they contained different function fillers. The results showed the importance of the fluoride mouth rinsing technique for fluoride-releasing restorative materials for the prevention of secondary caries.

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