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Examining Road Freight Transport Costs: A Philippine Perspective
Joshua Philip SUAREZMaria Jacinta LAGONERARyuichi UENONashreen SINARIMBO
ジャーナル フリー

2022 年 14 巻 p. 159-178


The cost of road freight transport in the Philippines is perceived to be higher than its neighboring countries. Additionally, there is limited literature exploring the magnitude of this issue.

This study serves as a practical effort to quantify and analyze the high transport costs in the Philippines using comprehensive empirical data. It utilizes information from a Luzon-wide survey of 36 trucking and manufacturing companies operating along the country's main logistics corridors. Key findings reveal that at 9.7 US cents per ton-km, the cost of the transport of goods in the Philippines is among the highest within Southeast Asia. Further analysis indicates a possible correlation between the cost of road freight and the quality of road infrastructure, particularly the level of development of the expressway network. The results of this study aim to guide planners and policymakers in the Philippines to take the necessary steps to increase the country's trade competitiveness.

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