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High-density light-emitting diodes using a lateral p-n junction on patterned (311)A GaAs substrates
N. DharmarasuP. O. VaccaroS. SaravananJ. M. Zanardi OcampoK. KubotaN. Saito
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Volume 1 (2004) Issue 5 Pages 86-91

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We report the high-density light-emitting diode (LED) array using a lateral p-n junction. AlxGa1-xAs lateral p-n junctions were formed on a semi-insulating GaAs (311)A patterned substrate using the amphoteric nature of silicon that behaves as p- and n-type dopant. For the first time, 2400 dots-per-inch (dpi) LED arrays were fabricated using the lateral junction. Electroluminescence spectrum shows a single peak at a wavelength of 813nm with an FWHM of 56nm at room temperature. The light output power was measured as a function of forward injection current. The high-density LED array has potential application in LED printers and displays.

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