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IEICE Electronics Express
Vol. 3 (2006) No. 22 P 487-492




An erbium-doped fiber laser with a high Er-ion concentration generally causes output power fluctuation and self-pulsing resulting from relaxation oscillation. In this work, we employed a new EDF with high Er- and Al-ion concentrations in order to suppress the relaxation oscillation and increase the output power of the laser. As a result, the output power was more than doubled and the power fluctuation halved. The linewidth was narrowed to 4kHz. Furthermore the frequency stability of the 13C2H2 frequency-stabilized erbium fiber laser reached as high as 1.3 × 10-11 for τ = 1s and 2.0 × 10-11 for τ = 102s. The short-term stability of τ = 1s was also improved.

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