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FeCMOS logic inverter circuits with nonvolatile-memory function
Mitsue TakahashiShouyu WangTakeshi HoriuchiShigeki Sakai
キーワード: FeCMOS, FeFET, nonvolatile logic
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2009 年 6 巻 12 号 p. 831-836


Operations of ferroelectric complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (FeCMOS) circuits, which are composed of ferroelectric-gate field effect transistors (FeFETs) instead of conventional MOS FETs, are demonstrated for the first time. The FeCMOS circuits have a practical value of saving much power consumption by switching the circuit function between logic and distributed nonvolatile memory. The function switching is possible by momentary expanding supplied voltages before cutting the power-supply. We fabricate FeCMOS inverters as representative logic elements and demonstrate the function switching from logic to nonvolatile memory. As the nonvolatile memory, accurate operations of data write, sleep with no supplied voltages and nondestructive read, are verified. The nonvolatility is confirmed by output-voltage retention measurements.

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