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IEICE Electronics Express
Article ID: 14.20170750



A 27-bit circular shaped, highly-dense, fully printable chipless radio frequency identification (RFID) tag is presented in this letter. High data capacity is provided in a compact size. The total dimension of the tag is 22 x 22 mm2. For exciting the tag, the linearly polarized incident plane wave is used. The circular shaped tag structure is analyzed for three different substrates, i.e., Rogers RT/duroid®/5870, Taconic TLX-0 and DuPontTM Kapton® HN. The spectral range for Rogers RT/duroid®/5870 is 3.3-13.5 GHz, 3.4-13.6 GHz for Taconic TLX-0 and 3.7-15.1 GHz for DuPontTM Kapton® HN substrate. Flexibility is achieved by using Kapton® HN substrate. The presented tag is low-cost and flexible hence it can be easily deployed on wide range of objects.

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