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IEICE Electronics Express
Article ID: 14.20170806



In this paper, a scalable large signal GaN HEMT model including nonlinear thermal sub-circuit is described. Only two scalable parameters are needed in the Ids scalable model by introducing a simple correction factor. The established model can predict the I–V curves at different-in-size AlGaN/GaN HEMTs devices accurately. Small signal S-parameters and large signal load pull tests with on-wafer measurement is used to further validate the proposed model. Finally, the proposed scalable model is used to design a broadband high efficiency continuous class-E power amplifier (PA). Experimental results show that this class E PA is realized from 2.5-3.5GHz with drain efficiency of 60%-70%, over 8.2dB gain and over 35.2dBm output by using a GaN HEMT with 1.25mm total gate width. The results show that the proposed model is useful for high efficiency amplifier design.

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