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A RC-IGBT with Built-in Free Wheeling Diode Controlled by MOSFET
Weizhong ChenQiao GuoLijun HeZhengsheng HanYuchan WangXiaoyun Li
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Article ID: 14.20170817

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A reverse-conducting insulated-gate bipolar transistor (RC-IGBT) with integrated Free-Wheeling Diode (FWD) in edge termination region controlled by metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET) is proposed. The Field Limiting Ring (FLR) of the edge termination acts as the anode and the N-Collector acts as the cathode of the FWD. The MOSFET makes the FLR conduct reverse current at reverse conduction and float at reverse breakdown. Compared with the conventional RC-IGBT, which integrates the FWD in active cell region, the proposed device can eliminate the snapback easily at forward conduction. In addition, the forward voltage drop can be decreased largely.

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