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SiC trench MOSFET with integrated side-wall schottky barrier diode having P+ electric field shield
Bo YiHao HuJia LinJunji ChengHaimeng HuangMouFu Kong
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Article ID: 16.20181135


A new SiC trench MOSFET (T-MOSFET) integrated with a side-wall Schottky Barrier Diode (SBD) to form a compact power device is proposed. The proposed structure applies two trenches to form the n-channel and SBD in a single cell, respectively. A P+ is implanted after etching the trenches to form a shield for both the gate oxide and the Schottky barrier. The breakdown voltage of the proposed one is about 363% larger than that of the conventional trench MOSFET (CT-MOSFET) with integrated SBD. The integrated SBD of the proposed T-MOSFET exhibits an ultra-low leakage current (1 μA/cm2) and low forward voltage drop (Von_diode ≈ 0.9 V), as well as low reverse recovery charge (Qrr = 0.73 μC/cm2).

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