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Educational technology research
Vol. 39 (2016) No. 1 p. 65-82




The Socla Project supports high school students' career learning and uses social media to connect them with college students and working adults. The participants were 56 high school students (28 blended learners and 28 fully online learners) who pursued their own career-related topics such as the meaning of work and transitioning to college while receiving help from college students and working adults through Facebook. This study evaluates the project based on the results of using Facebook, a questionnaire given to the participants, and findings from their semi-structured interviews. Although 42.9% of fully online learners dropped out of the project (as opposed to 7.1% of blended online learners), the fully online learners who completed the project demonstrated higher levels of participation and enthusiasm for learning. Furthermore, the questionnaire indicated that learners’ career-related anxieties were alleviated, and their ability to make decisions about their careers and sense of self-efficacy were enhanced. Furthermore, the interviews suggested that conversations with supporters and a survey distributed to the public contributed to the learners’ overall understanding of career-related issues.

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