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Effectiveness of Learning Support by Expert Teachers in Lessons Using a Digital Pen
Noriyuki MATSUNAMIMasahiro NAGAIHitoshi KIYA
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2019 年 41 巻 1 号 p. 25-38


During the “Period for Integrated Study” at an elementary school in Japan, children engaged in collaborative learning using a digital pen and “mind-maps.” The children wrote “idea sentences,” which they compared with the ideas of other children. This process of collaborative learning and logical thinking was then improved by having an “expert teacher” provide input from a remote location. University teachers were asked to play this expert role, because of their capacity to think logically. The f indings showed that this form of collaborative learning improved the logicality of children’s expression. In response to an attitude survey, the children reported that the expert had had the greatest inf luence on their idea sentences when they were ref ining them. Moreover, when the authors analyzed the idea sentences, the positive inf luence of the expert teachers was evident in terms of the “concreteness,” “validity,” and “clearness” of their claims. This indicates improvement in the logicality of their expression and suggests the ef fectiveness of the learning support provided by expert teachers. Furthermore, we revealed the ef fectiveness of using mind-maps, which according to the survey of children’s attitudes and teachers’ qualitative evaluation, helped students improve the logicality of expression in their idea sentences.

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