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Methylmercury induces release of a cytotoxic factor from HEK293 cells into medium
Takashi ToyamaSouichi MurakamiShusuke KugeGi-Wook HwangAkira Naganuma
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2015 年 2 巻 5 号 p. 223-226


HEK293 cells were cultured in medium containing methylmercury (MeHg), followed by replacement with MeHg-free medium and further culturing. Thus, MeHg preconditioning medium (MeHg-PM) were obtained. Untreated HEK293 cells and C17.2 cells (mouse neural stem cells) were placed in the obtained MeHg-PM for culturing, which resulted in significantly inhibited cell growth. This cell growth inhibition was not affected by heating or proteinase K treatment, suggesting that neither proteins nor peptides caused the growth inhibition.

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