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Vol. 119 (2013) No. 1 p. 39-44




A solid geomorphological model covered with map-printed elastic film (OK film: named from the first two letters of the last name, Okazaki, of the chief developer of printable elastic film) was developed as a study material to enable students to examine the geomorphological characteristics of an area; the first model produced was based on a satellite image of central Ibaraki Prefecture and was printed onto OK film. The application of an OK film covering to a solid geomorphological model and subsequent topographic observations were undertaken as part of a first year laboratory class for students of a university in Ibaraki Prefecture. All students who undertook this exercise were able to overlay their own map-printed OK film on a gypsum-based solid geomorphological model within the duration of the laboratory class. The scale of the geomorphological model and the variety of objects that can be printed means that this study material could be used in both natural science (e.g., earth sciences, natural geography) and/or social studies (e.g., human geography) classes at a range of levels, from elementary school to university, in addition to potential use within teacher training courses.

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