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Vol. 128 (2008) No. 3 P 370-380




In recent years a lot of Automatic Programming techniques have developed. A typical example of Automatic Programming is Genetic Programming (GP), and various extensions and representations for GP have been proposed so far. However, it seems that more improvements are necessary to obtain complex programs automatically. In this paper we propose a new method called GRAph structured Program Evolution (GRAPE). The representation of GRAPE is graph structure, therefore it can represent complex programs (e.g. branches and loops) using its graph structure. Each program is constructed as an arbitrary directed graph of nodes and data set. The GRAPE program handles multiple data types using the data set for each type, and the genotype of GRAPE is the form of a linear string of integers. We apply GRAPE to five test problems, factorial, Fibonacci sequence, exponentiation, reversing a list and sorting a list, and demonstrate that the optimum solution in each problem is obtained by the GRAPE system.

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