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Vol. 136 (2016) No. 12 P 1668-1676




The authors have conducted studies on Arabic telop recognition to develop a system for video retrieval by keyword to index and edit Arabic broadcast programs received daily and stored in a big database. This paper describes a dedicated OCR for recognizing low resolution telop in video images. A telop recognition system consisting of text line extraction, word segmentation and segmentation-recognition of words is developed and the performance was experimentally evaluated using datasets of frame images extracted from AlJazeera broadcasting programs. Character recognition of moving telop is difficult due to combing noise caused by the interlacing of scan-lines. A technique to detect and eliminate the combing noise to correctly recognize the moving telop is proposed. This paper also proposes a technique based on insertion operation with minimum edit distance between successive two telops to connect them. The method to connect the moving telops is necessary for automatic language translation. The proposed method using edit distance for bi-gram sequence of telops (Method-B) is shown to be robust to recognition error of characters and successfully connect the telops.

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