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Inertia Compensation of Motion Copying System for Dexterous Object Handling
M.K.C. Dinesh ChinthakaTomoyuki Shimono
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2018 年 7 巻 6 号 p. 495-505


Conventional motion copying systems are capable of performing repetitive fixed objectives. Motion copying systems can be used to handle different objects and tools. The inertia of the handled object affects the total system inertia of a motion coying system. If the total system inertia of the motion saving phase and motion reproduction phase are different, it affects the force and position tracking performances during motion reproduction. Inertia estimation should be performed in order to expand the applications of motion copying systems. Precise inertia estimation of a motion copying system is a challenging task when the actuator grasps different objects. This paper presents a method to estimate the inertia variation defends on the grasped object and the inertia compensation of a motion copying system while reproducing the recorded motion with different objects. The inertia of the grasped object is estimated by using a simple harmonic motion based method. The performance of the proposed method verified and discussed based on the experimental results.

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