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Vol. 126 (2006) No. 6 P 255-260




We propose an OPtical LEAd Frame (OPLEAF) that serves as the interface between an optical fiber array and high density optical IC. OPLEAF allows significant size reduction of optical IC. Recent advances in the miniaturization of optical ICs have made it possible to realize adjacent optical device spacing of 10μm-order. The OPLEAF converts the pitch from 250μm to 30μm and provides a miniaturized interface between fibers and the optical IC. OPLEAF is unification with tape fiber (fiber array) and connected to the optical IC directly; thus alignment is necessary only at one end. The maximum loss due to the curvature was evaluated to be 1.5dB from optical experiment. The value agrees well with the 1.3dB obtained from Beam Propagation Method (BPM) simulation.

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