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Vol. 130 (2010) No. 8 P 363-368




Nanoimprint technology is considered one of the mass production methods of the display for cellular phone or notebook computer, with Anti-Reflection Structures (ARS) pattern and so on. In this case, the large size mold with nanometer order pattern is very important. Then, we describe the fabrication process for large size mold, and the alignment method for UV nanoimprint system. We developed the original mold fabrication process using nanoimprint method and etching techniques. In 66 × 45 mm2 area, 200nm period seamless patterns were formed using this process. And, we constructed original alignment system that consists of the CCD-camera system, X-Y-θ table, method of moiré fringe, and image processing system, because the accuracy of pattern connection depends on the alignment method. This alignment system accuracy was within 20nm.

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