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Computer Networks and Broadcasting
Left-Corner Parsing for Identifying PTB-Style Nonlocal Dependencies
Yoshihide KatoShigeki Matsubara
ジャーナル フリー

2017 年 12 巻 p. 267-290


Nonlocal dependencies represent syntactic phenomenon such as wh-movement, A-movement in passives, topicalization, raising, control, and right node raising. Nonlocal dependencies play an important role in semantic interpretation. This paper proposes a left-corner parser that identifies nonlocal dependencies. Our parser integrates nonlocal dependency identification into a transition-based system. We adopt a left-corner strategy in order to use the syntactic relation c-command, which plays an important role in nonlocal dependency identification. To utilize the global features captured by nonlocal dependencies, our parser uses a structured perceptron. In experimental evaluations, our parser achieved a good balance between constituent parsing and nonlocal dependency identification.

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