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Comparison of Probe Disinfection Procedures in Routine Ultrasonography: Hot Water versus Antiseptic Wiping
Umit SavasciNisa Cem OrenYasam Kemal AkpakGokcen GokceKemal TekinHanefi CemGulAhmet KarakasOmer CoskunHalis Atil AtillaMurat ZorMustafa GuneyCan Polat Eyigun
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2014 年 53 巻 19 号 p. 2201-2204


Objective It is commonly known that ultrasonography (US) transducers function as both a reservoir and means of transfer for hospital infections. The current study aimed to compare the antimicrobial effectiveness of using >80°C water versus antiseptic wipes to disinfect US transducers.
Methods Subsequent to abdominal inspections in three groups of 20 patients, a swab culture was taken from the transducer in each case. Neither a mechanical nor chemical disinfection was applied to the transducer in the first group. As for the second group, the transducer was placed in >80°C hot water for five minutes. In the third group, the transducer was wiped clean using antiseptic wipes.
Results Of the 60 swab samples collected, 40 did not produce any growth. The number of samples exhibiting growth in the first group involved 18 cases of coagulase-negative staphylococcus (CNS), as well as 15 cases of Listeria spp., one case of Corynebacterium spp. and one case of Bacillus spp., while only one case of CNS was observed in the second and third groups, respectively. The culture growth and colony forming units rate were significantly higher in the samples obtained from the first group than in those obtained from the other groups (p<0.01). As for the second and third groups, no significant differences were found in terms of the amount of colonization and growth (p=1.00).
Conclusion Being a practical and a simple method for particular use in developing and underdeveloped countries, where it is hard to access relatively costly transducer disinfection materials, such as antiseptic wipes, hot water disinfection may play an active role in fighting hospital infections.

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