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Research on the Working Conditions, Fatigue and Sleep of Truck Drivers (Report 3) :
A Field Survey of Long-haul Truck Transport and Daily Operations
Hideki OYAMAKazuya SUZUKINobuyuki MOTEGIKazuhiro SAKAI
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2012 Volume 88 Issue 2 Pages 49-70


In order to examine an improvement plan with regard to the health problems and fatigue of truck drivers, the researcher traveled with truck drivers and examined the drivers’ (1) subjective value of fatigue and drowsiness, (2) videotape recording, (3) wrist activity, (4) heart rate and (5) electrooculogram. The participants were five truck drivers (driving for five days/four nights, four days/three nights, two days/one night, or on a daily basis) from small and medium-sized transport enterprises (SMEs), and three truck drivers (driving for three days/two nights) from larger companies. Long driving hours, less sleep, a tendency to continue driving until they felt drowsy and divided sleep patterns were observed for the drivers from SMEs. Conducting various tasks between terminals and a tendency to drive at night and sleep during the day were observed for drivers from larger companies. Sleeping on a bed or a seat in the truck cabin was observed for all the drivers. The results showed that the following aspects were considered important : partnership with proprietors and consignors, a driving plan that included time for rest, a schedule that rought to prevent long driving hours and limited rest, improving the sleep conditions inside the truck cabin and the coordinated effort for improving the highways and accommodation facilities.

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