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Existence scope of only primary vibration within one impact period of a hydraulic drifter piston via point transformation
Zhenyi YANGHong JIYangeng LI
ジャーナル フリー

2018 年 12 巻 7 号 p. JAMDSM0123


The impact process of hydraulic drifter is a periodic vibration course with position feedback and piston control by shuttle valve. For the phenomena of secondary or multiple vibrations within one period during cyclic impact process of hydraulic drifter, this study establishes a dynamic model of the system during hydraulic impact and analyzes the vibration behavior of piston in the impact process of hydraulic drifter from the perspectives of velocity recovery coefficient R , acceleration ratio KF , and acceleration switching time Kt . Then, the impact point position for the nonlinear periodic motion of the piston is observed through point transformation and Jacobian technique. Subsequently, a spatial scope defined by correlated system parameters R , KF , and Kt is identified, within this scope, the piston only stably vibrates once within one impact period. Finally, the position of the signal port is redesigned on the basis of the existence scope, and the design parameters for the hydraulic drifter are improved. The correctness of the derivation process and the conclusion of this study are experimentally verified. The present findings provide a basis for reasonably matching the relationships among design parameters and can help improve drifter impact efficiency.

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