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An essay around the theory of Chaos.
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1983 Volume 1 Pages 1-11


The word "Chaos" was introduced in the mathematics in 1975 by Robert May. But, before this publication, there was pessimism for the future of science. For example, "The Coming of the Golden Age" by G. S. Stent emphasized difficulty which exist in science, mainly in physics. He called this difficulty by the name of "The second step of non determinism." Because, we already had experienced Newton's determinism and nextly the first stage of non determinism (Quantum mechanics.) But, now our natural science encountered new difficulty which is called "The second stage of non determinism." This difficulty had been found in social science long before this stage of natural science. That is the lack of suitable statistical method which describe Pareto Law in Economics. In this essay, we pointed out that some part of Stent's conclusion was based on the work of Mandelbrot. Now, Mandelbrot oriented to his Theory of Fractals. And also, just after the publication of Stent's book, the theory of Chaos had begun. And now, we, the people of science and social science, can confront with this difficulty basing new mathematical concept. At least, we arrived to discuss this problem altogether in the same frame work.

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