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In-situ deformation imaging of articular cartilage using grating-based phase-contrast X-ray CT at a synchrotron light source
Shusaku KawanoTakako (Osawa) YagiMasato HoshinoTakeshi Matsumoto
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2022 年 36 巻 2 号 p. 51-57


Quantification of deformation behavior of articular cartilage (AC) is crucial for understanding its mechanical function and response to mechanical stimuli. Here, we explored whether grating-based phase-contrast X-ray CT using monochromatic synchrotron light (grating-based msPXCT) enables in-situ quantification of local deformation in AC. Grating-based msPXCT of a porcine AC sample during axial compression test was conducted using a Talbot grating interferometer. Local displacements and strains were computed using a digital volume correlation method. The magnitude of axial strain decreased from the upper to middle sample zones and reached almost constant over the middle-lower zone, consistent with the depth-dependent density increase with compression. Thus, grating-based msPXCT may be suitable for quantitative analysis of AC deformation.

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