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Development of a Mouthpiece Type Remote Controller for Disabled Persons
Shojiro George TERASHIMAEiichi SATOHKazuo KOTAKEEiichi SASAKIKazunori UEKISatoshi SASAKI
ジャーナル フリー

2010 年 5 巻 1 号 p. 66-77


A variety of operation devices have been developed for severely disabled people such as those with cervical cord injuries and/or muscular dystrophies. Each device has its own merits and demerits respectively, but there is still a need to develop other types of operation devices. In this study, we have tried to develop a mouthpiece type remote controller to operate an electric powered wheelchair. This remote controller would be inserted into user's mouth and be operated by tongue. This remote controller has passive RFID transponders but no battery. To evaluate the performance of this system, the MCR (Maximum Communication Range) was measured. The results indicated that if users set the antenna beside their cheek, the remote controller would work well. For the preliminary study, the operativeness of this remote controller was suitable. With this system, we succeeded in an operating electric powered wheelchair on the market. These results suggested the possibility that this mouthpiece type remote controller system would be effective for severely disabled people.

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