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Journal of Biomechanical Science and Engineering
Vol. 7 (2012) No. 1 Special Issue on Integrated Modeling and Simulation of Living Systems P 72-83



Papers(Special Issue)

A numerical simulation is conducted for a blood flow in a capillary vessel, including not only red blood cells (RBCs)-like elastic membranes but also platelets-like elastic solids. Recently-developed full Eulerian approaches for coupling with a fluid and elastic solid/membrane are employed for dealing with dynamic interactions of the RBC, platelet and vessel wall. A pressure-induced periodic flow is imposed on a suspension of the RBCs and platelets with a hematocrit of 20 %, and then the simulation is run up to a certain time at when the flow is developed well. Numerical results indicate that a relative apparent viscosity in the suspension of the RBCs and platelets increases, and a platelet motion is strongly affected by the presence of the RBCs.

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