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Various Biochemical Aspects of the Blood in Experimentally Induced Hyper and Hypoprolactinemia in Male Guinea Pigs
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1989 年 6 巻 1 号 p. 29-34


The present study aimed to investigate various biochemical constituents in serum of male guinea pigs of differing serum prolactin status.
Four similar groups of apparently healthy male guinea pigs were used in this study. The first group was used as the control; the second group was made hyperprolactinemic with daily doses of 1mg estrogen; the third group was made hypoprolactinemic with daily doses of 2.5mg bromocriptine; the fourth group, after being similarly dosed with estrogen, was again orally dosed with bromocriptine.
Results revealed that estrogen induced a marked serum hyperprolactinemia accompanied with a significant rise in serum levels of estradiol-17β, insulin, and calcium; while serum levels of glucose, magnesium, and inorganic phosphorous were found to be significantly decreased. These serum constituent levels approached to almost their control levels after bromocriptine administration. Bromocriptine without estrogen promoted a marked decrease in serum prolactin and estradiol-17β, but other serum parameter levels remained almost within their normal range. The biochemical changes detected in the present study may be useful in clinical diagnosis and treatment of prolactinemia.

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